Sustainable Tri-Cities Workgroups

We advocate for and educate about climate mitigation and resilience practices through outreach to the public and to city officials in the Tri-Cities. This includes collaborating with local organizations, tabling at local events, sharing opportunities for public comments, and meeting with officials.

The following are active work groups:

  1. Renewable Energy- We follow local projects such as the Horse Heavens Wind Farm, New Nuclear and other advanced technology, and other practices to reduce carbon emissions.
  2. Electrifying Transportation and Buildings – For better health and to reduce carbon emissions.
  3. Urban Heat Resilience, with a focus on trees – Goals include:
    • Increasing the success rate of street trees reaching mature heights by identifying barriers to street tree health
    • Promoting more tree planting or use of shade structures, to protect against extreme heat and encourage active transportation and outdoor recreation.

Other work groups coming soon:

  1. Expand local recycling. Partner with DTG Recycle.
  2. Form a Sustainable Richland committee. Follow Yakima’s example to form an advisory committee for the cities to address climate impacts.
  3. Active Transportation. Encourage walking and bicycling through city planning.