Actions for a Livable Tri-Cities

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Below is a list of ongoing issues and related actions the Sustainable Tri-Cities has taken around transportation, climate issues, land use, and natural spaces.

Let’s Walk, Bike & Roll

The Alliance advocates for an improved Walk, Bike, Roll infrastructure for the Tri-Cities. We strive for mobility equity, extra safety measures for vulnerable road users and an infrastructure encouraging active transportation.  Read more.

two pictures: one of a bicycle and another of a local bus

Actions taken by Sustainable Tri-Cities (STC) or affiliates:

To participate and take action, contact Sustainable Tri-Cities, or connect to one of the community organizers/organizations below.

Climate Resiliency

ALSC brings climate change awareness to our region and reviews new approaches that focus on impacts and change.

  • Called for comments on WA Dept. of Ecology’s proposed rule to implement new requirements on Landfill Methane Emissions. Dec. 2023
  • The STC UHR work group helped apply for a Dept. of Natural Resources Grant for the City of Pasco to plant trees in parks in high disparity areas. The grant was awarded, with trees to be planted in 2024. Along with the BF Health District, we also hosted a tour of the parks, and gave a presentation to WSU students for their urban heat resilience projects.
  • Guided advocacy for 2024 WA State legislation. Bills that passed included: 1012 Extreme Weather Events, 1589 Transition off Natural Gas, 6058 Carbon Market Linkage, and 2301 Food and Solid Waste Management.
  • STC partnered with MCEV on National Drive Electric event, September 30, 2023.
  • The BF Health District has partnered with STC on Urban Heat Resilience and wants our support with the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). We also partner with Kids for Urban Trees (2022, 2023).
  • The STC Urban Heat Resilience working group wrote a white paper and met with Richland City leaders recommending work toward greater heat resilience in the city and surrounding area, and providing recommendations for what the city could do to plan for and mitigate rising heat levels as global warming continues.
  • STC helped with community outreach on Washington State Department of Ecology’s call for comment on WA Climate Commitment Act rule making (2022).
  • STC called for public comment on the proposed Horse Heavens Hills wind farm (2022 -23).
  • STC lent our voice to a push to recognize nuclear power, including Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) and other next generation advanced reactors, as an essential step forward in the challenge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (2022). Read the Tri-City Herald article.

Information resources:

The Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) is an international, non-partisan, grassroots organization committed to creating the political will for a livable world. The WA Tri-Cities Chapter is just one of 200 across the world, serving the region of Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco. 

EVITA: An industry collaboration comprised of Energy Northwest, Benton PUD, Franklin PUD, Benton REA, City of Richland Energy Services, City of Ellensburg Energy Services and TRIDEC. (Brochure)

Get involved by contacting Sustainable Tri-Cities or connect to one of the community organizers/organizations below.  

Nature Preservation

STC is proposing that city development is done mindfully and with an awareness of the health, ecological and economic importance of environmental protections. A checklist should be part of every development plan.

Recent actions taken by the STC or affiliates:

  • Guided advocacy for 2024 WA State legislation to help pass 5667 Forest Landowners Riparian Easement Program
  • Cool and surprising footage from Tapteal Greenway trail cams.
  • Our affiliate, Futurewise, is encouraging restoration of riparian buffer zones preventing pollutants entering the water streams. A demonstration site is currently under way at Chiawana Park

View event calendar for upcoming events, workshops or public meetings.

For more info, contact Sustainable Tri-Cities or connect to one of the community organizations below.


Ongoing activities and advocacy efforts:

See event calendar for upcoming open houses and public meetings.

STC can connect you to several sustainability issues in the Tri-Cities in regards to water. Being in a high desert climate, conservation is part of the efforts, maintaining high quality water for consumption, plus monitoring runoff,  the effects of a rising water temperature and point source pollution.  

For more info, contact Sustainable Tri-Cities or connect to one of the community organizers/organizations below. 

Land Use and Economic Development

STC supports enhancing our environment, competitive economic advantage, and visual appeal through planning that incorporates mixed-use, well-connected, compact and equitable development.

Hillside Development Regulations – letter
Kennewick Development Plan Vista Field – letter
Pasco Major Planning Projects

City of Pasco Urban Growth Area Expansion & Comprehensive Plan 2018-2038 Update. Stay Current: City of Pasco Comprehensive Plan Project Page

Richland Capital Projects

Columbia River Shoreline

STC is proposing that additional public meetings should be held and convened by a neutral facilitator, that a definitive position of CTUIR and other impacted tribes on the matter be in place, that Columbia River treaty negotiations between the US and Canada conclude, and that a true community-wide discussion and vetting of any proposed legislative proposal occurs.  Any reconveyance must be done in a mindful way, i.e. with environment protections, tribal involvement and recreational access for all.

Recent actions taken by the STC or affiliates:

See event calendar for upcoming open houses and public meetings.

For more info, contact Sustainable Tri-Cities or connect to one of the stakeholders below.