Seven Steps to Ecological, Social & Economic Common Sense

1. Establish and confirm a new environmental ethic by drafting a National Declaration of Interdependence as a means to rebuild and reaffirm this ethics towards our natural resources. Work with environmental and other societal groups to unite the message and movement.

2. Cause no harm and collaborate with others; establish policies that favor sustainability for the long-term; foster a new environmental attitude.

3. Substantiate a common value system that will resonate with the public, including

  • educate the public as to how ecosystem services and management can help society
  • create a new ecological or habitat currency for the U.S.

4. Develop a common language including comprehensive data collection as a key component of sustainable natural resource management. Use web-based GIS to create pictures of concepts, assessments, and showing future outcomes.

5. Convert to and use new economic, social, and environmental indicators that

  • better represent the environmental health of our nation
  • favor agreed upon lists of important goals, indicators, and monitoring procedures

that can be used to implement progressive social change.

6. Create a greater awareness for planning for future generations, encourage communities to develop their own unique clock, an engineering feature or artistic sculpture that represents future genertions.

7. Value All Cultures – identify and respect our diverse cultures and their key functional connections to our environment and economy.