ACE Antidotes: Ante UP!

What does your organization do to balance the fact of ACEs?

We pay attention to what we measure.

As we engage Eastern Washington University in the Community Dashboard Project,

let’s consider the value of measuring our assets as well as our “warts”-

LIVABILITY is about Quality of Life for all.

By mindfully choosing our indicators, we learn and respond progressively

when we acknowledge real facts.


Real sustainability indicators include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • pedestrian-friendly streets
  • urban open spaces
  • residential water consumption
  • solid waste generated & recycled
  • pollution prevention & renewable resource use
  • vehicle miles traveled & fuel consumption
  • distribution of personal income
  • work required for basic needs
  • housing affordability ratio
  • children living in poverty
  • emergency room use for non-ER purposes
  • community capital
  • adult literacy
  • ethnic diversity of teachers
  • arts instruction
  • volunteer involvement in schools
  • juvenile crime
  • youth involvement in community service
  • equity in justice
  • voter participation
  • gardening activity
  • perceived quality of life