A Short Course on Local Planning

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FREE TRAINING OPPORTUNITY hosted by City of West Richland

The Short Course is an opportunity for planning commissioners, local government staff, elected officials, and community members to learn about our state’s legal framework for planning, comprehensive planning, and community development processes, and public involvement in the planning process.

Thursday, April 23, 2015   6:15-9:15pm

West Richland Council Chambers at Mid-Columbia Library

3803 W. Van Giesen St., W. Richland

Course will include:

  • The Growth Management Act (GMA) & Comprehensive Planning Basics
  • The Legal Basis of Planning in Washington
  • Roles & Responsibilities in the Planning Process
  • Open Government Laws

REGISTRATION    Please register by April 15 by sending an email with your name, organization and title (if applicable) and the location of the short course you wish to attend to: shortcourse@commerce.wa.gov or by leaving the same information at (360)725-3064. Registration is not required, but helps for planning purposes; all will be welcome at the event.